Understanding Legal Plans

     What if there was a fast, easy, inexpensive way to have a better life? For about a dollar a day, you can have unlimited access to top quality lawyers, with specialists in every area of law, whenever you need them, in 49 US states, and 4 Provinces of Canada.

     Have you ever been unfairly held back, suffered financial loss, or been socially hurt because you didn’t know your options? Have you ever stopped yourself from taking advantage of a great opportunity because you felt weak or insecure about making the decision? Do you ever worry you won’t be able to fulfill the trust your family puts in you?
     With a legal services plan, you can
     – put yourself in a better position,
     – avoid and/or minimize life’s legal problems
     – reduce your stress, knowing you can get expert advice and help when you need it

     A legal services plan gives you access to the legal system for your everyday life events, for as little as $17 a month.

     What is a legal services plan, who needs it, and how does it work?

     A legal services plan is to attorney fees what a health insurance plan is to doctor bills – only much, much cheaper.
     With a legal services plan, you pay one low monthly rate for coverage in 5 major areas:
     – Preventive – Consultation, Letters, Wills, Contract review
     – On the move – traffic violations, accidents, vehicle issues
     – Trial – defense
     – IRS – audit assistance
     – Member Discount – 25% off the standard rate for all other areas

     The majority of ordinary people can have access to the justice system, with a legal services plan, and just about everybody has some need for one.
     In the past, only the wealthy top 5% could afford an attorney.
     The top reasons people need an attorney are foreclosure, divorce, and bankruptcy
     Other real life examples of some reasons honest, everyday people use attorneys include: (how many can you relate to, or you know someone who can?)
     – You don’t have an up-to date will
     – You have questions about your health insurance plan or the new Medicare Prescription Act
     – You have an issue with hidden cell phone fees
     – You are buying/selling your home
     – You adopt a child
     – You have a question about a lease agreement you might sign
     – You are wrongfully accused of committing a crime
     – You have questions about escrow
     – You are caring for your elderly parents
     – You have liability questions in launching a new business
     – You have a question about an easement on your property
     – You are asked to testify as a witness to a crime
     – You need a premarital agreement
     – You are leasing property
     – You own your own small business
     – You have questions about the new tax forms
     – You signed a contract and have a question about it
     – You want the ‘legalese’ in a document clarified for you

     The way a legal plan works is simple and easy:
     1) Call your provider law firm, using a toll-free number
     2) Explain your question or issue
     3) An attorney qualified in the appropriate area of law will respond, typically within 8 business hours.
     It is really this easy for you to get in touch with an attorney. Your plan won’t be wasted, sitting on the shelf, due to your not knowing how to use it, or having to jump through 3 hoops to use it.

     The biggest question most people have upon hearing about legal services plans is: This sounds too good to be true – how can it be possible, how good can the attorneys be at that price, and how trustworthy is the company?
     – The power of over 1.5 million satisfied members allows a lucrative retainer (about $2M a month in California) to be paid to the top law firms in the country, so they are at your call.
     – The top law firms have experienced, specialized attorneys in every area of law, in all 50 states. This is not a one-man show with only general expertise or one specialty, nor a newbie law school grad.
     – The company has been in business over 40 years
          – Takes in $500M a year
          – Has an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating – which means they have to satisfy 100% of all complaints to standards of the BBB. With 1.5 million members and over 7,000 lawyers, every complaint has been satisfied
          – Is one of the top 100 small companies (less than $750M/year) out of 8 ½ million companies
          – Is endorsed by:
               – The American Bar Association
               – National Association of Attorneys General
               – National Chamber of Commerce
               – National Black Chamber of Commerce

     Is this something that makes sense to you, or do you know someone who needs it? If so, you can get your questions answered and start today by contacting us now.

Phone:  Jacquie (858) 205-3440 (Pacific time)
Email:   Lisa@TheLegalServicesPlan.com

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